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Up to date on all of the current assistance programs on College Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester
Our College Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester program is  designed specifically for high school students. .



College Funding Solutions, Inc.

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College Funding Solutions, Inc. helping students pay for college via our University College Graduate Program in California and Such as grants, self aid money, scholarships, and tuition contributions, electronically files the complicated Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

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College Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester

When considering your enrollment into the College Funding Solutions Westchester College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester, winner best colleg planning consultant Westchester career planning program, please note that preparing and paying for college is a joint venture between the student, the family, and College Funding Solutions, Inc.

At College Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester , our ultimate goal is for the student to receive the highest quality college education at the most affordable price. From our years of experience in this industry, we know what works best and why. Our suggestions, strategies, and procedures have all proven successful.

All students in The “College Graduate” Program are offered the same opportunities . What the student does with those opportunities is entirely up to the student.  If college is a top priority, our program can provide endless rewards. However, before enrolling, you must be committed to attaining your goals – we are!

The “College Graduate” Program  includes the following:

Build a College Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester Confidential Student / Family Profile, which familiarizes us with the student's high school achievements, future goals, and anticipated educational requirements.

Timeline, Flow Charts, Newsletters, and Procedural Reminders are used to keep the family posted with the progress and upcoming steps.

Toll-Free Telephone Access to aCollege Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester live college preparation and funding professional to help answer any questions the family may have during the process.

Provide the Student / Family with Our Comprehensive Guidebook, which includes over 300 pages of specifics regarding the college selection, application, and funding process.  Included are: high school preparation insight; SAT and ACT information; college admission strategies; and college campus visit details.

Provide the Student / Family with Password-Protected Access to the “Client Secure” Portion of our Website, which is filled with an enormous amount of detailed college preparation and funding information – all in one convenient location. Included are: important terms and phrases; effective planning and funding strategies; pitfalls to avoid; and our "what you must know" list.

High School Preparation specific details regarding the qualities institutions typically look for in a prospective student; along with assistance on building an impressive transcript and methods to effectively present your achievements to the colleges.

Career Planning, Guidance, and Suggestions career information via testing, scoring, and reporting as requested by the student, which is designed specifically to help select a course of study compatible with his/her interests, abilities, and values.

ACT™, PSAT® , SAT ® I, and SAT ® II Subject Testsguidance on which tests to take and when to take them, including: testing dates and registration details; specific procedures, strategies, and tips for effective testing; access to the latest (and best) study guides and practice tests; and information regarding how the tests are administered and how the scores are reported.

College Search, Selection, and Application Preparation – ideas and direction to help you keep your options open and best match your desired criteria with institutions that offer those requirements. Details on when and how to apply for admissions, including: specifics on how institutions score applications; what to include and what to avoid; and the most overlooked and underrated items on the admission application. At the client's request, CFS  also reviews and critiques admission applications prior to submission.

The College Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester Funding Process – provide details on the workings of the process, including: what makes up the funding package; suggestions on proper asset positioning; vital statistics on over 1,600 institutions regarding percentage of need met and type of funding offered; explanation of special circumstances and how they may apply to your family; and funding distribution procedures and their affect.

College Funding Planning Reportevaluates the family's current financial situation, offers available options and strategies, and projects the amount of institutional funding that may be offered based on each school's past awards.

College is a business
its OUR business!!!


(College Grad Program cont.)

Private-Sector Scholarships – we assist the student in locating both general and specific private-sector scholarships for which they may apply. At College Funding Solutions College Planning Consultant Career Planner Westchester, we also provide information that includes: scholarship scam warnings; creating an effective core application; how and when to write request letters; what to include in your applications and what to avoid; how to write a powerful essay; and how the placement of a private-sector award may affect other funding.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – we complete, endorse, and file the required FAFSA on behalf of the student / family.

At the client's request, we will assist the family with the completion and submission of the following: CSS /Profile , Verification Worksheet(s), and Required Miscellaneous Application(s), if required by the institution(s).

Student Aid Report (SAR) – we review and check the SAR for accuracy, making any necessary corrections and/or updates.

Award Letter Evaluations – we evaluate and offer an opinion regarding each institution's offer of funding based on the student's qualifications and the school's past funding offers. We also suggest an appeal strategy for additional funding, if applicable.

Campus Visits
provide information on how and when to visit, including: details on who to meet with; how to arrange your tours; what to look for; and how to get the most from your visits.

Visit Contact Us to receive more detailed information regarding The "College Graduate" Program .

Please be advised that in providing services, College Funding Solutions, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, or disability.

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